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    UV Measurement Products

Nov. 24 2020 press release: Counterfeiting of EIT Instruments in China.

EIT's first UV measurement product was developed and sold in 1984. 

Today, EIT's UV measurement solutions include instruments and sensors for UV LED & UV Broadband (arc, microwave, spot) sources.

EIT instruments are used in industrial UV curing applications including medical, printing, wood, aerospace, automotive, fiber optic, converting  and electronics.

  • EIT designs and manufactures in house high-quality, robust, and highly accurate industrial UV measurement instruments
  • We have a wide selection of product choices for UV LED and UV broadband (arc, microwave, spot) sources
  • EIT instruments allow communication between end users, formulators, UV source suppliers and equipment integrators
  • EIT has an extensive worldwide distribution network that offers prompt technical support and sales 
  • Service is available from EIT or through one of our EIT Authorized Service Centers
  • All EIT calibrated instruments are NIST traceable